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One month after its second MBO with Naxicap, the private education group with € 60 million revenue has set its sights on the distance training specialist Icademie with € 17 million in turnover.

Used to build-ups, the Eureka Education group is this time reaching a new level, able to equip it with the digital platform made crucial by the current context of health crisis, by putting its hand on the specialist in e- learning Icademie. The buyer waited to finalize its own MBO bis with Naxicap last month which valued it at around € 250 million, or almost 15 times its Ebitda (read below) to sign this over-the-counter transaction. , for a confidential valorization but that one guesses by the attractiveness of the sector, especially for the few targets mastering the digital education. “The leader of Academie preferred to back up to a group with which he has synergies rather than sell himself to a fund”, underlines Martine Depas, partner of Financière de Courcelles who supported Jean-Luc Coddacioni, founder of Icademie. Eureka Education, organized around its three training centers, Silvya Terrade (aesthetics, cosmetics, perfumery and hairdressing), Euridis Business School (complex sales and BtoB commercial negotiation) and SupTertiaire (real estate and social housing) is thus pursuing its external growth strategy and diversification, and confirms its ambitions in the digitization of content and teaching methods.

€ 80 million in targeted revenues for 2021

Founded in 2006, Icadémie is an education group specializing in e-learning training offering post-baccalaureate courses and continuing programs in many areas: human resources, marketing and communication, management, banking, finance, real estate, IT and web, foreign languages, sport, health and well-being, fashion and design … Icadémie trains more than 4,000 students per year via a fully integrated web platform offering more than 87,000 educational videos and supports them in their research. ‘jobs through its own recruitment agency. The group is organized around its 6 campuses (Paris, Lille, Aix, Toulon, Toulouse and Angers) and has a turnover of over € 17 million. Eureka Education, directed by Bernard de Sagazan now trains more than 16,000 students per year and is present in France and Switzerland through nearly 70 establishments. The group, which posts revenues of around € 60 million this year, aims for a turnover of more than € 80 million for the year 2021 and is now positioned as a major player in vocational education in the professions in tension in France.

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