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Christophe Brière - Financière de Courcelles

Christophe Brière, Exco partnership coordination

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Historical anchor and proximity within regions reinforced by a major partnership in 2021 with Exco network

Financière de Courcelles continues its development in the regions thanks to its partnership with Exco, which results in the sharing of methods and technical support, with a synergistic and complementary approach to knowledge of regional ecosystems and know-how related to high-level operations.

« To provide this support in a relevant way, we are convinced of the legitimacy of an actor strongly anchored in the territories and close to the business leaders. This is what the Exco network can provide through its 140 offices, all capable of making accessible a very concentrated financial sphere and often difficult to understand for SME managers.»

Franck Parker, Exco Managing Director

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Henri MION - Financière de courcelles

Henri Mion

Brittany and North region


Philippe DORE - Financière de Courcelles

Philippe Doré

South-West region


Emmanuel ANTMANN - Financière de Courcelles

Emmanuel Antmann

East region


Michaël PETIT - Financière de Courcelles

Michaël Petit

West region


Guillaume PIETTE - Financière de Courcelles

Guillaume Piette

South-East region