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With the increasing sophistication of M&A deals and the diversification of sources of financing, debt advisory has become an important instrument of value creation for managers.

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Thanks to its recognized expertise in capital structuring and the implementation of financing solutions, FDC can design tailor-made structures responding to strategic issues and risk profiles specific to each company. The issues on which we work most frequently are:

  • Financing of growth, often external, but sometimes also organic, in France and abroad
  • Debt raising (senior or junior), LBO, project or corporate, unsecure or asset-backed, etc
  • Renegotiation of debt or refinancing (optimization of terms, expansion of the pool of partners to bond lenders, etc.)
  • Sponsorless financing, shareholder reorganization (majority shareholders relution, exit of minority shareholders, exit of PE funds).

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In the current environment marked by economic uncertainty, inflationary pressures and high interest rates, as well as debt markets that have undergone major changes in the recent years (increasing importance of private debt funds, restrictions set on banks by the ECB, development of ESG linked financial incentives etc...), Debt Advisory has become of a paramount importance and even more strategic during M&A processes.

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Specialized in financial advice during Mergers and Acquisitions operations, our employees and senior advisory will guarantee you tailor-made financial support.

Our experts support you in all your business acquisition, fundraising and financing advisory projects.

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Consequently, FDC considers each client and each situation with a 360° strategic, financial and organizational approach, ahead and/or after an M&A transaction.

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Our creativity and agility fuelled by our many transactions allow us to recommend and then execute, for our clients, unique and tailor-made solutions in line with their strategic, industrial and financial objectives.

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In line with its entrepreneurial and innovative culture, FDC supports the founders of young, promising growth companies in their fundraising.

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Preparing businesses for sale, Financing advisory, Independent valuations and financial modelling...

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