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Sale of Microrectif-Micromec to Tikehau Capital

Paris (France), November 17, 2023,

Microrectif-Micromec is a French leader in high-precision machining and grinding, specializing in custom work and small series production of critical and complex parts for major first-tier clients. The Group is involved in the entire industrial process: machining, grinding, and metrology.

Following the acquisition of Visco in July 2022—a recognized player in the high-precision mechanical machining of hard or exotic metals for advanced industries—this new acquisition aligns perfectly with the alternative asset manager Tikehau Capital’s strategy to support and strengthen its position as a key partner in major French industrial sectors.

With the support of Microrectif-Micromec, the new Visco-Microrectif-Micromec entity will be able to offer comprehensive services from machining to grinding within short and controlled timeframes. Expertise in the manufacturing of complex sub-assemblies in small and medium series, combined with unique capabilities, especially in metrology (using the Zeiss Xenos three-dimensional machine, one of the most precise in the world), will meet the requirements of strategic industries, including defense, aerospace, space, energy, and healthcare.

The team at Financière de Courcelles / Exco Finance & Transactions is delighted to have assisted Microrectif-Micromec in this transaction, confirming its strong momentum in the industry and aerospace sectors.



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OPERATION PARTICIPANTS On the seller’s side:

  • Company: Microrectif-Micromec (Gérald Chatain)
  • M&A Advisory: Financière de Courcelles and Exco Finance & Transactions (Jacques Schwab, Philippe Dore, Julien Page, Nikita Picard)
  • Legal Advisory: Ydès (Marcello Mazzilli, Valérie Ciancia, Benoit Colson)
  • Financial Advisory: Exco Loire (Fabrice Rabérin, Julien Mandon) and BM&A (Guilhem de Montmarin, Emilien Poquet, Adrien Pichot); On the buyer’s side:
  • Tikehau Capital (Marwan Lahoud, Cyril Moulin, Marie-Laurence Perrier, Jules Chevallier, Pierre de la Morinerie)
  • Visco (Fabrice Doizon, Pierre-Emmanuel Gires)
  • M&A Advisory: Alantra (Florian Touchard, Louise Bernard, Chloé Louis)
  • Debt Advisory: Alantra (Pierre-Louis Nahon, Simon Berta)
  • Legal Advisory: Franklin (Lionel Lesur, Laura-Isabelle Danet)
  • Financial Advisory: EY (Gratien de Pontville, François Estin)
  • Tax Advisory: EY (Lionel Benant, Benjamin Bardet, Valentin Deschamps)
  • Strategy Advisory: Alba & Co (Isabelle Carrère)
  • ESG Advisory: ADIT (Amélie Steiner, Edouard Pipet, Kajsa Guyomard)
  • Environmental Advisory: ERM (Maryelle Ouvrard)

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