Paris, December 12, 2022,

With 3 operations in financial services in the 3rd quarter, FDC already has 7 operations carried out in this sector in 2022. These successes reward the work carried out by our FIG team and the steps taken in this sector.

Since the takeover by the new team brought together around Matthieu de Baynast in 2020, FDC has shown strong dynamism and capitalized on its sector expertise to establish recognized leadership positions in France and abroad. In particular, the Financial Services sector (FIG) co-directed by Christophe Brière and Michael Petit, is one of the sectors in which our team of experts and our tailor-made support make the difference.

Augmented M&A® is one of the main strategic axes of FDC

This long-term support for our clients by approaching each situation with a global vision that is both strategic, financial and organizational, upstream and/or downstream of an M&A operation, unequivocally contributes to the success of transactions.

In the summer of 2021, FDC entered into discussions with  Howden group, an independent insurance brokerage leader based in London, and was mandated to support the launch of the group’s establishment and growth strategy in France. In order to carry out this project, FDC has set up a tailor-made system bringing together strategic, sectoral and M&A expertise. To date, 3 transactions have been completed in 2022 for Howden with the successive acquisition of CRF Conseils (July 2022), Théorème (October 2022) and Seasecure (October 2022).

Similarly, the FIG team supports Equance, an independent leader in wealth management advice for expatriates, in its external growth strategy. First of all, FDC advised the shareholders of the framework group on a primary LBO operation with Calcium Capital (June 2022), allowing the group to have the means for its ambitions, then organized its first build-up operation in acquiring its competitor SEGEFI (October 2022).

A team of industry experts and experienced bankers

Christophe Brière Managing Partner, supports entrepreneurs, family groups, managers, shareholders of SMEs and ETIs in their growth and development projects for more than 20 years, particularly in the financial sector. Before joining the FDC, Christophe also participated in the general management of a company in insurance services, of which he accompanied the development in France and abroad within the framework of an LBO operation. This dual operational and M&A advisory experience allows him to contribute to the development of our Augmented M&A® offer and to the consolidation of the “Financial Services” sector and his team.

Michaël Petit, Managing Director, has 20 years of experience during which he has advised many investment funds, SMEs & ETIs in France and abroad and more particularly in the Financial Services sector. many players in the brokerage and wealth management sectors.

Charles Delbarre, Associate, has more than 4 years of experience in M&A, he assists the team in the execution of FIG mandates.

Beyond its advisory expertise in M&A and financing, FDC shares with its clients the unique industrial and operational experience of its club of Partners: business leaders recognized for their know-how and experience in their sector. In the FIG sector, the team was able to benefit from the support of Bertrand de Saint Rémy (renowned investment banker with more than 150 transactions carried out) and Dominique Guérit (more than 40 years of experience in industrial insurance) .

Our clients talk about their experience with FDC

Nicolas Aubert, CEO of Howden France : “The FDC team has supported us since the beginning of our arrival on the French market by working on our deployment strategy and targeted acquisitions of specialty B2B brokers. We have already made 3 acquisitions in less than 6 months since my arrival at the head of Howden France. I highly recommend this team of industry experts. »

Olivier Grenon-Andrieu, President of the Equance group : “Thanks to FDC, we have a very high quality financial partner at our side, the means for our ambitions and the M&A team that we need to carry out our various projects. external growth”.

Target market segments

The FIG team operates in 4 main market segments:

  • Insurance and insurance services: brokerage, management, underwriting, expertise and insurtech

  • Banking and services to the banking industry: specialized financing (leasing, factoring), collection and fintech

  • Wealth management and asset management: CGPs, family offices, private management and asset management

  • Advice and regulated profession: audit and accounting expertise, financial advice, lawyers and notaries

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About Financière de Courcelles (FDC)

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