Published July 12, 2021 by  Aurore Barlier

With € 650 million in revenue and supported by HLD, the supplier of technical services to energy distribution networks for mobility is getting its hands on the € 13 million in turnover of the German Wegner from its founding family .


TSG (Tokheim Services Group) ccontinues to strengthen its European coverage.

Three months after an acquisition in Croatia (read below), the European leader in solutions and services to public and private energy distribution infrastructure for mobility, acquires the German Kälte Klimatechnik Manfred Wegner from his founding family. The target, which operates in Germany only from its headquarters in Wismar, turn provides services ranging from maintenance to installation in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. It mainly covers the North and East of the country, with a strong presence in the food distribution chain segment. Employing 98 people, the company generated revenues of € 13 million last year. Spotted by Financière de Courcelles through its multi buy-side offer allowing the upstream identification of targets in France and Europe with internal teams or via the Global M&A Partners network, Wegner will strengthen and develop the HVAC (heating , ventilation, air conditioning) from TSG in Germany. Showing the desire to offer a unique one-stop-shop solution in terms of energy distribution, the French group is, for the record, present in 30 countries, and supported since last year by HLD, which had valued it around € 500 million (read below). The group achieved a turnover of 650 M € in 2020 and currently employs more than 4,000 people (including 1,050 in France) led by Jean-Marc Bianchi specialized in design, construction, maintenance, management and optimization of energy distribution networks dedicated to mobility.

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