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Paris (France), October 12th, 2021,


Financière de Courcelles advised the shareholders of WebForce3 – Alain Assouline (Founder & Chairman), Nicolas Chagny (CEO), the Management team and the PE funds Impact Partners & Odyssée Venture – in the sale of a minority stake to Weinberg Capital Partners.

Founded in 2014 by Alain Assouline, WebForce3 tackles challenges related to the digital transformation of companies through a network of more than 50 schools in France and 750 professional trainers.

WebForce3 offers training in digital professions based on innovative and physical or digital learning courses. The Group offers intensive, short, diploma and job-oriented training to all audiences regardless of background, age or diploma, and especially to so-called “vulnerable” groups or employees who need to acquire new skills to access to, retain or switch jobs. Historically based on a 100% bootcamp model (accelerated training), the Group has been offering work-study training since the end of 2020, with the ambition to quickly reach 50% of learners in apprenticeship.

The activity tackles major societal challenges that are at the heart of the current priorities of public policies in terms of integration and job retention.

“85% of jobs in 2030 do not yet exist and nearly 80,000 jobs in digital professions are vacant today in France due to a lack of suitable profiles. WF3’s goal is to put people at the heart of these issues. Our training courses are for everyone. Digital technology is a real lever for inclusion, integration and employment.”, declares Alain Assouline, CEO of WebForce3.

The Education Team at Financière de Courcelles is delighted to have supported WebForce3 in this growth capital transaction, thus strengthening its general expertise in Education and more specifically in the field of bootcamps.

List of advisors:


On the Sell-side:

  • Company: Alain Assouline, Nicolas Chagny, Sylviane Peretz
  • Sellers: Impact Partners (Thomas Delalande, Juliette Both), Odyssée Venture (Matthieu Boillet, Pierre Vandame)
  • M&A: Financière de Courcelles (Martine Depas, Ambroise Boissonnet, Antoine Mainini)
  • Legal: Cygler & Avocats (Steve Cygler, Olivier Coste, Vincent Houang), Backbone Avocats (Sébastien Burget, Olivier Betin)
  • Financial VDD: Exelmans (Eric Guedj, Benjamin Le Gal)


On the Buy-side:

  • Funds: Weinberg Capital Partners (WCP IMPACT DEV) – Sacha Talmon, Aude Wathier, Thomas Hélias
  • Legal: MBA Avocats (Igor Doumenc, Dorothée Traverse, Julien Brouwer, Alexandre Malek)
  • DD:
    • PWC TS (Philippe Serzec, Guillaume de Rancourt)
    • PWC Avocats (Nicolas Arfel, Eric Hickel, Aurélie Cluzel d’Andlau, Michael Chan, Fanny Marchiset, Sarah Dezes, Claire Pascal-Oury, Emily Davis de Courcy, Marie Diderotto, Léa Rudloff, Joanna Wereda)
    • PMSI (Rémi de Guilhermier, Aline Maresquier)
    • Digital4Better (Frédérick Marchand)
    • Tenzing (François André, Nicolas Vauclin, Sophie Boullais)

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