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Sale of Eurolines and Isilines to FlixBus

Paris/Munich, 04/03/2019,

International mobility providers FlixBus and Transdev Group are entering exclusive negotiations about acquiring the Eurolines long-distance coach service. Both parties will begin consultations with the respective workers’ councils regarding the handover.
Currently, Eurolines has operating businesses in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Spain, with a bus network spanning over 25 countries. Eurolines also operates under the isilines brand domestically in France.
Expanding FlixBus’ European reach Jochen Engert, founder and CEO of FlixBus: “This acquisition would strengthen our position as market leader in France and allows us to expand our European reach even further by integrating the Eurolines and isilines long-distance route networks. With this integration, FlixBus would have an even more-complete and diverse offer to entice even more passengers. We aim to be the number one choice for travelers across Europe.”
Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev Group: “The decision to enter exclusive negotiations with FlixBus regarding the potential divestment from Eurolines is in line with Transdev’s strategic plan. It would enable us to focus our resources on the core of our business, public transit and B2B transportation services by combining performance at best cost, technological and digital innovation, specifically to improve the customer experience.”

Integrating the networks in order to prepare the business for years to come Since entering the German market in 2013 and the French market 2 years later, FlixBus has proven that it is possible to significantly increase quality and be profitable in this highly-competitive industry. Last year alone, the amount of daily FlixBus connections and passengers grew by over 40%, both in France and on a global level.
Throughout the last six years, FlixBus has revolutionized the way people travel in Europe. From fully digital booking and tracking your bus by GPS to more legroom and on board Wi-Fi, longdistance bus travel has never been a more alluring alternative to going by car, train or plane.
Engert: “We have a lot of respect for what Transdev has built up over the last 20 years with Eurolines. With the innovative mindset that FlixBus brings to the table, we will be ready for the next 20 years. By merging our services, we would be able to offer people all over Europe more complete and convenient travel options.”
From startup to global leader and market leader in France In 2018, FlixBus transported 45 million travelers across Europe and the US. As a combination of tech startup, e-commerce platform and transportation company, FlixBus established a network that spans over 29 countries. This year, FlixBus plans to bring its services to Russia and expand across the US.
Engert: “While there are big plans for expansions to new markets, we will still expand in our current core markets. The Eurolines acquisition would strengthen our European network and complement organic growth in key European markets”.

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