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Fundraising for Dataïads

Paris (France), 16 March 2022,

Financière de Courcelles advised investors in the context of the capital increase of the technology company dataïads. A startup and SaaS player at the crossroads of Adtech and Martech, dataïads publishes a post-click experience technology to optimise the performance of the Google Shopping channel, the main traffic driver for e-retailers.

dataïads helps companies achieve a better ROI through optimised advertising campaigns, thanks to a proprietary technology. It enables digital and marketing managers to optimise their ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) by reducing the bounce rate and increasing conversions and the average basket per purchase.

dataïads was founded in 2021 by Raphaël Grandemange, former CEO of Webedia (Fimalac group), Thibault de Broissia and Benjamin Cozon, founders of Uptilab and Reeport, which were acquired by Webedia in 2017 and merged with Jellyfish in 2019, while Emile Caron, former Director of Development at Reeport, which specialises in datavisualisation tools, has joined the team as Chief Technology Officer

Following a fundraising process, the founders have chosen new financial partners to support them in the growth and development of dataïads on a very promising market.

This transaction is part FDC’s new strategy of supporting technology companies.

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