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Majority stake acquisition in Biogy by Groupe Evergaz

Paris (France), 22nd of January 2023,

Financière de Courcelles advised the founders of Biogy in the context of Evergaz’s majority stake acquisition in the company.

Launched in 2019 and co-founded by Antoine Deffontaines, Louis-André Rohart, and Stéphane Vermersch, agricultural landowners, Biogy specializes in valorizing agricultural and agri-food co-products from the region, with an annual processing capacity of 29,200 tons. The methanation unit, located in Etrun in Pas-de-Calais (62), has a biomethane injection capacity of 400 Nm3/h, equivalent to the annual gas consumption of nearly 3,700 households.

The co-founders remain shareholders and will continue, in the long term, to supply the site with agricultural co-products from their farms and in return receive digestate, a natural fertilizer.

With 15 years of experience in the methanation sector in France, Germany, and Belgium, Evergaz Group owns and operates 28 methanation units representing an annual production capacity of 1.2 TWh PCS in biomethane equivalent, or an installed capacity equivalent of 51.3 MWe.

This acquisition allows Evergaz to establish itself for the first time in Hauts-de-France, thus strengthening its territorial network.

Antoine DEFFONTAINES, Louis-André ROHART, and Stéphane VERMESCH – co-founders of Biogy, state: “We are delighted with this operation with Evergaz. As a recognized player in biogas and through the values it embodies, we are convinced that Evergaz was the best possible choice to continue the development of Biogy.”

Frédéric FLIPO, Deputy CEO – co-founder of Evergaz, states: “We are very pleased with this partnership that allows us to confirm our ambition to make Evergaz a European leader in methanation. Biogy perfectly illustrates Evergaz’s DNA: meeting the economic, environmental, and social challenges of territories by creating lasting alliances with local players. I would like to thank the co-founders of Biogy for the trust they have shown us by staying alongside us. This majority stake acquisition also marks Evergaz’s dual development strategy, combining the acquisition of operational sites and the construction of new sites (two currently in Mayenne and Saône-et-Loire). The Group’s ambition is to continue the development of Biogy as well as its waste treatment offering for the agri-food industry and also local communities, with the entry into force on 1st January 2024 of the obligation to sort biowaste at the source by households.”

The Financière de Courcelles team is delighted to have supported the founders of Biogy in this sale, thus confirming its strong momentum in the renewables energy sector.


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