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Join forces of Corderie Henri Lancelin with Samson Rope Technologies

Paris (France), March 06th, 2024,

Financière de Courcelles has advised the shareholders of Corderie Henri Lancelin, a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-end and innovative synthetic ropes, primarily for nautical applications, on its sale to the American group Samson Rope Technologies.

Founded in 1907 near Laval, Lancelin is a four-generation family business, specializing in the design and manufacturing of highly technical and aesthetic ropes. Renowned for its innovative approach, Lancelin has built its reputation particularly in the fields of offshore racing, sailing and yachting, before diversifying into other industries such as arborism, urban planning, maritime, sports & leisure, etc.

This constant commitment towards innovation, enabling the delivery of high-value-added products to its customers, is also reflected in its state-of-the-art manufacturing site equipped with a bench test capable of handling a breaking load of up to 600 tons. Thanks to its technological expertise, Lancelin is thus one of the few manufacturers of technical ropes in Europe capable of developing and testing products dedicated to offshore floating wind turbines, a market with significant potential over the next 5 to 10 years.

With a turnover of nearly €8 million in 2023, Lancelin has emerged as a leader in France in the niche market of technical ropes which is presenting very promising growth prospects.

For over 145 years, Samson has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance ropes. With over 300 employees in the United States and Spain, following the acquisition of Folch Ropes in early 2023, Samson has established itself as a key player in new technologies, efficient coating techniques, and innovative manufacturing to produce ropes tailored to various markets (marine, energy, arborism, fishing).

The association of these two companies, both leveraging on numerous successes in the rope industry, will enable Lancelin to further diversify into industrial markets where Samson is well positioned.

“The Lancelin team is pleased to partner with Samson, and we believe our joint capabilities, product offering and presence will accentuate and streamline our customer experience around the world” said Nicolas Lancelin, Lancelin’s company director.

This acquisition will also be a springboard for Samson, which will be able to strengthen its global production capacity and technology thanks to Lancelin’s high-performance industrial facility, expand its presence in Europe, and ultimately intensify its penetration into the recreational marine sector.

“The addition of Lancelin will not only enhance our production capabilities but will also allow us to further leverage the success of a strong and well-established organization that the Lancelin family has built over the generations”, stated Christian Rheault, CEO of Samson Rope Technologies.

“This marks a new cross-border operation for Financière de Courcelles, and we are delighted to have supported Lancelin’s shareholders in this transaction, where the complementary nature of the two companies’ activities and geographies is expected to foster numerous synergies” also stated Audrey Gennequin, Executive Director at Financière de Courcelles.

The Financière de Courcelles team is delighted to announce a new cross-border transaction and to have supported Lancelin’s shareholders in the context of a competitive sale process that led to a sale to an international industrial company.

Sellers: Nicolas Lancelin, Nathalie Lancelin


Sell-side advisors:

  • M&A advisory: Financière de Courcelles (Matthieu de Baynast, Audrey Gennequin, Thibault Puissant, Leïla Gley)
  • Legal advisory: Richelieu Avocats (Guillaume Marguet, Marie-Agnès Guillemare, Mahé Randrianatoavina)


Buyers: Samson Rope Technologies (Christian Rheault, Andrew Janas, Jeremy Jordan)

Buy-side advisors:

  • Legal advisory: PwC (Guillaume Glon, Delphine Bry-Durousseau, Geoffrey Ritter)
  • Financial audit: PwC (Philip Dykstra, Benjamin Tixier, Tristan Auffray)

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