Philippe BENSUSSAN – Senior Advisor


Senior Advisor

Philippe joined FDC end of 2019 as senior advisor. Since beginning of 2018, Philippe has also been advising Investment firms and CEO’s, as consultant or independent board member. He brings to the table his strong experience in hi-tech industry, with a focus on Electronics, Optronics, Defense, Space and Aeronautics. He was previously for 19 years Chairman and CEO of Lynred, a French IR detector manufacturer, which he led the transformation from a SME to a world-leader Mid-Cap company, with sales having been increased 12-fold and with a strong profitability and successful markets – products – technologies diversifications. Armament engineer, he had hold in the previous 19 years diverse positions within the French MOD, the last one as program manager of Earth-observation Helios satellites program.

Philippe graduated from Ecole Polytechnique. He also holds a PhD from MIT in Material Sciences, one from université Paris – Orsay in Physics and an Executive-MBA from HEC.

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