The energy sector faces major challenges around the world. In developed countries, the energy mix is ​​evolving at high speed, infrastructure must be renovated and become intelligent (smart grid), lifestyles and consumption are changing. For their part, developing countries must accelerate their investments in order to meet steadily increasing demand and support mechanisms for sustainable renewable energies. Technological progress and new players who aim to digitize entire sections of this industry bring into question traditional economic models.

FDC provides its clients with in-depth knowledge of these sectors, their challenges as well as key players, private or public. We operate both in situations of external growth or withdrawal as for the structuring and the raising of corporate or structured financing.

Our team has specific skills in:

  • energy production, conventional or renewable,
  • distribution networks (electricity, gas, water, heating networks),
  • suppliers of specialized services and equipment,
  • social infrastructure (health, education, prison),
  • the maritime industry (ports, specialized services), as well as
  • other transport infrastructure (road, rail, airport),
  • whether these are projects in the development phase (greenfield financial advice), or transactions involving already existing companies or projects (brownfield M&A advice).