Corporates and Private Equity funds are very keen on investing in Education, a sector considered as fast growing, profitable and resilient. For many years, in France, governed by State institutions, Education has now evolved into a business, driven by economic rationale. Education is made of several segments: from early Childhood to Lifelong Learning, including K-12 and Higher Education.

Education, like other sectors is facing new issues: digital transformation, new learning methods, emphasis put on “customer satisfaction”, globalization etc. These challenges lead to additional financing requirements and often the need to consolidate.

Having anticipated this revolution and originated the first transactions completed in France, the FDC Team is one of the leading M&A advisors in Education. With a track-record of several dozen deals closed, the Team is recognized as an expert to support Sell or Buy Side Acquisitions or Fundraising.

“Proud to have been the catalyst of change in Education, advising entrepreneurs and investors who give new impetus to this sector so important for the future of our children”

Martine DEPAS

Our main strengths:

  • The Team work on all the sector transactions and has full knowledge of the valuation models.
  • The Team is a part of the Education ecosystem: corporate companies, Private Equity funds, various advisors, media…
  • The Team is recognized as a leading expert, often interviewed by media to give perspective and commentary of the sector.
  • Through our preparation methodology, The Team establishes exactly what the client wants to achieve and their long-term objectives, this facilitates completing the processes of M&A efficiently and effectively.

Main sub-segments covered:

  • Nurseries and kinder gardens
  • K-12
  • Higher Education
  • Apprenticeship
  • Vocational and Corporate Training
  • EdTech
  • Services to Education