Deal Memo Eurazéo Groupe ST

FDC advised EURAZEO PME on the acquisition of a majority equity stake in ST GROUP (renamed VITAPROTECH), a French leader in electronic security that offers solutions designed to secure physical access to sensitive sites. EURAZEO PME will succeed to UI Gestion and invest €40 million in VITAPROTECH to hold approximately 60% of its share capital alongside its managers, Eric Thord and Emmanuel Chopin, and group executives. EURAZEO PME, a subsidiary of EURAZEO, achieved a consolidated turnover of €1.1 billion in 2017. The investment company is dedicated to majority investments in French SMEs with a value under €200 million. As a long-term professional shareholder, EURAZEO PME operates its investments with all the financial, human and organizational resources necessary for long-term transformation, and supports its portfolio companies in implementing sustainable and responsible growth.

VITAPROTECH, one of the French leaders in electronic security, is the result of a merger between two companies: SORHEA, a specialist in the detection of physical intrusions nearby sensitive areas, particularly with its high-performance infrared barriers, and TIL*Technologies, a specialist in the access control of critical sites. Investing about 10% of its turnover in R&D, the group began its internationalization with three build-ups operations in the United States, in Canada and in Belgium, and carried out 22% of its activity abroad last year. VITAPROTECH currently employs approximately 160 people and operates five sites, including two in France. FDC organized the initial discussions between this national champion in an innovative and technological sector and a leading financial partner to enable them to build a world-class reference in the field of sensitive sites security. FDC assisted EURAZEO PME in the approach and analysis of this opportunity, coordinated the entire process and contributed to the success of a pre-emptive offer with the support of both shareholders and management.

This transaction illustrates the ability of FDC to initiate transactions between the management of successful companies and the relevant financial partners in order to help them build ambitious projects in terms of strategy and finance.